Fusion Video Engine™

Fully-Integrated, Comprehensive V2IP Development Solution

The Fusion Video Engine is a software library extension to the
Fusion Voice Engine, implementing the video core of a Voice-and-Video-over-IP (V2IP) solution. The main usage pattern is to create and control digital (i.e. camera and RTP) "channels" and combine them into "conversations". While channels provide granular control of video processing, conversations provide mixing and conferencing capabilities.


Extending the Fusion Voice Engine

As an extension to the Fusion Voice Engine, the Fusion Video Engine uses the a fully standards-based RTP protocol implementation, and an RTP Video Channel provides seamless synchronization of video with the Audio Processing System. As with Voice, secure RTP (SRTP) is an available Video option.


Fusion Video Engine Features

Especially in an embedded environment, much of the video processing is done at the hardware layer. As such, the Fusion Video Engine provides hardware extensions allowing integration to hardware based cameras, codecs, and rendering engines. Below is a brief list of what the Fusion Video Engine has to offer:

  • Multiple active conversations, where each conversation conferences all attached channels
  • Hardware extension support
    • Cameras
    • Hardware Codecs
    • Rendering
  • RTP Video Channel with optional support for Secure RTP
  • Lip-Sync integration with the Fusion Voice Engine
  • JPEG support
    • Snapshot (saving video still images)
    • Mute/Privacy (transmitting image stills)
  • Interface to MP4 file recorder (currently on Telechips platforms only)
  • Dynamic Bitrate configuration and control (when supported by the hardware codec)
InstaV2IP Architecture Diagram
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