InstaVoIP® Desktop

An optimized library release for Windows

InstaVoIP® Desktop is an optimized library release for Windows, allowing for the rapid integration of voice calling features into new or existing applications without dealing with any porting or audio issues. Standalone SoftPhone application examples are provided, or the libraries can be integrated into existing applications. The InstaVoIP Desktop software suite provides a full-featured Call Manager, Voice Engine, and Information Subsystem, providing developers with a comprehensive VoIP development solution for devices such as IP Phones, VoIP ATAs, RoIP Gateways, security call-boxes, and many others.


InstaVoIP Desktop Features

InstaVoIP Desktop incorporates many of Unicoi’s industry leading Fusion software modules as part of the standard package, including the Fusion SIP/SDP stacks and Fusion Voice Engine with RTP. See the complete software details below:

  • Voice Engine with RTP (includes support for RoIP products)
  • Configuration Subsystem (file based or can integrate with other platform standard)
  • Voice Engine Codecs: G.711 (µ-law, A-law), G.722, G.726 (16/24/33/40 kbps), G.729, DVI4 (narrow/HD/Ultra HD), iLBC, Speex (narrow/HD/Ultra HD), SILK, L16 PCM (narrow/HD/Ultra HD/CD)
  • VoIP Call Manager (includes support for incoming calls, outgoing calls, hold, conferencing, transfers, mic/speaker volume control and mute, etc.)
  • Optional Security (SIPS, SRTP)
InstaVoIP Architecture Diagram
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