Fusion Embedded™ NAT

Network Address Translation Software

Fusion Embedded™ NAT Router software allows client IP hosts on a private network to access Internet hosts without having to obtain public IP addresses. It works by modifying the IP layer header’s source address and selected fields in upper layer protocol so that the private internal IP address is replaced with a "Real" assigned IP address which can safely traverse the Internet. Once the NAT router is assigned at least one "Real" IP address, up to sixty-four thousand IP client machines can share this address simultaneously to access Internet hosts.


Fusion Embedded NAT Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with: TCP, UDP Routing, ICMP, PING, Telnet, FTP, HTTP,DNS and other Internet Protocols
  • Connection aging, TCP open and TCP closed, UDP and ICMP. Limit on the number of simultaneous connections supported can be set as high as memory will allow (defaults to 20).
  • Outbound FTP (PORT Command Translation)
  • PAT (Port Address Translation) allows specific services on the private network to be accessed by host on the public network
  • Gated NAT - Each router port gets its own instance of NAT. Each port can have its own public address and private address range. This means that NAT can be supported on more than one link without regard to the address ranges in use. The public address can be the dynamic address from a numbered PPP link, if required.
  • Conventional NAT - Can be implemented by creating one global NAT port and calling the NATTranslate function in the FUSION IP ip_up and ip_xmit functions.
  • NAT Profile - may be used by more than one port
  • 100% ANSI C compliant
  • RTOS and processor independent
  • Royalty-free source code license
  • Port Forwarding Control
  • DMZ Support
  • Firewall Rules Database
  • Port Triggering
  • DNS Forwarding
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