Telnet Server

Fusion Embedded™ Telnet Server

Fusion Embedded™ Telnet Server is a generic telnet server that supports an application through the use of macros and API functions.


Telnet Server

The modular design of Fusion Telnet Server allows it to run with virtually any TCP/IP stack. The Telnet Server application may be any program that takes advantage of terminal-oriented or process-to-process communications. This could be a menu system that supports remote configuration of a device, a data collection process, or a distributed computational process.


Fusion Embedded Telnet Server Features

  • Support Supress Go Ahead
  • Accommodates LineMode option
  • Handles binary transmissions
  • SUPDUP protocol support
  • Configurable number of sessions
  • Completely ROMable
  • OS/Processor/Compiler independent
  • 100% ANSI C compliant
  • Royalty-free license

RFC Compliance

  • RFC 734
  • RFC 747
  • RFC 749
  • RFC 854 through 861
  • RFC 1184
  • RFC 1205
Fusion Embedded™ Fully Integrated Protocols

Voice & Video Protocols

Security Protocols

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