Fusion Embedded™ SNTP

Simple Network Time Protocol Software

Fusion Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) offers client and server services to obtain and set accurate date and time in network connected devices.

It operates in three selectable modes:

  • Unicast - A client sends a request to a designated time server at its unicast address and receives a response from which it determines the time.
  • Multicast - A time server periodically sends a message containing the current time to a designated multicast group address. The client “listens” on this multicast address.
  • Anycast - A client sends a request to a designated local broadcast address or multicast group address. One or more time servers reply with their own unicast address and the client binds to the first one received. The client continues operation in unicast mode.

Simple Network Time Protocol Software

With Fusion Embedded SNTP software you can adjust the receive and poll rates, and synchronize your networked devices as often as necessary. Additionally, all functions are performed using high level APIs which reduce your product development time significantly.

This makes Fusion Embedded SNTP versatile, easy to use and the perfect solution for any device, from handheld wireless to enterprise networks.


Fusion Embedded SNTP Features

  • 100% ANSI C compliant
  • RTOS and processor independent
  • Royalty-free license
  • Source code available
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