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Fusion Embedded™ Security Protocols

Complete Solution for Securing Embedded Software Applications

Ensuring the safety and security of information exchanged through your embedded device is critically important. Online threats are becoming more serious every day. Businesses and consumers are demanding robust security features to protect their online interactions and privacy, and device developers must meet or exceed those high standards. To address these new threats and help developers meet tough new security standards, Unicoi Systems offers a comprehensive security product suite, part of the Fusion Embedded line of embedded software.

Fusion Embedded Security Protocols Features

  • Mature, market-proven code in wide deployment
  • Highly optimized software designed for real-time applications
  • Extremely flexible and completely portable
  • Microprocessor and DSP support
  • Broad compliance with a substantial number of RFCs
  • Processor, operating system and development tools independent
  • Fully-ported to a variety of OS's
  • Royalty-free license for OEMs
  • Rapid-response, engineer-lead customer support ensures fast resolution to issues

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