Fusion Embedded™ SSL/TLS

Transport Layer Security and/or Secure Socket Layer

Unicoi Systems’ Fusion Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides powerful endpoint authentication, protecting against eavesdropping, message falsification and interference. SSL/TLS is widely used in today’s ecommerce environments, and is increasingly used for proxies, redirect servers and registrars to protect Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) signaling in voice over IP (VoIP) environments.


Transport Layer Security and/or Secure Socket Layer

SSL/TLS involves peer negotiation for algorithm support, public key encryption-based key exchange, certificate-based and symmetric cipher-based authentications. SSL/TLS runs on layers beneath application protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and above the TCP or UDP transport protocol, which form part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. While it can add security to any protocol that uses reliable connections (such as TCP), it is most commonly used with HTTP to form HTTPS. HTTPS is used to secure the Internet for electronic commerce and asset management applications.


Fusion Embedded SSL/TLS Features

  • Fully reentrant code: Robust architecture prevents crashes due to deadlocks and race conditions
  • Simple and easy to use API - ease of use and ease of installation built in from the start
  • All the complexity of cryptography is hidden; no deep domain knowledge is needed
  • CPU architecture independent, platform independent: will work with any TCP/IP stack out-of-the box.
  • Market-proven, market-tested solution that frees in-house development resources
  • Optional ongoing maintenance and customized development and porting available
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