Fusion Embedded™ DHCP Client & Server

Dynamic Host Control Protocol

The Fusion Embedded™ Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) Client and Server allows your network to automatically configure itself. With a centrally located DHCP Server, Client devices can be dynamically configured with the correct network parameters (e.g., IP address and subnet mask). This significantly reduces network administration effort and provides data integrity by ensuring a reliable, conflict-free configuration. Additionally, using dynamic addresses results in a more efficient use of your IP address space. When a networked device is not being used, it does not consume an IP address.


Dynamic Host Control Protocol

With Fusion’s total DHCP solution, you can easily implement Client-side applications, Server-side management, or both. Our DHCP is designed with easy-to-configure parameters for defining run-time options such as IP lease and pre-lease times. Fusion is designed with a rich set of built-in diagnositics to facilitate your product development and testing. We utilize easy-to-use APIs and provide sample code which enables you to launch your product to market in minimum time with maximum confidence.


Fusion Embedded DHCP Features

  • Lease time
  • Renewal time
  • Rebind time
  • Netmask
  • Broadcast address
  • Router
  • Host name
  • Domain name
  • All other RFC 2132 options supported through API
  • Supports application program callback functions on DHCP state change
  • IPv6 Support
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