FTP Client & Server

Fusion Embedded™ FTP

File Transfer Protocol

The Fusion Embedded™ FTP Client & Server software source code product is an application that allows the efficient sharing of files, programs or data between diverse host systems. Fusion Embedded FTP also provides a secure way to allow or deny access to specific files or directories between diverse systems. It is designed to be small and easy to implement.


Fusion Embedded FTP Features

  • Data transfer functions
  • Translation for data types per RFC 959
  • Format control
  • Non-print option
  • Carriage control
  • File, record and page data structures
  • Connection management
  • Stream, compressed and block modes
  • Error recovery and restart
  • Full standard FTP command set
  • 100% ANSI C compliant
  • RTOS and processor independent
  • Royalty-free license
Fusion Embedded™ Fully Integrated Protocols

Voice & Video Protocols

Security Protocols

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