HTTP Client & Server

Fusion Embedded™ HTTP Client & Server

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Build Web-based management into your Internet Appliance application with Fusion Embedded HTTP Client & Server.

The Fusion Embedded HTTP Server allows you to serve up user-friendly HTML pages with images and data to allow monitoring and control of your device from any Web browser. It also allows users to control the Internet Appliance through forms-based pages that interact with the Internet Appliance to change the state of the device.

With Fusion Embedded HTTP Server, you can add embedded monitoring and control functions into your deployed Internet Appliances, reducing the cost of ownership for your customers. Imagine a service technician being able to check the operating conditions of an appliance from the Web, rather than making an onsite call or waiting for a reported malfunction. Imagine a supplier being able to determine the types and amount of product sold from in-store dispensers, without leaving the office.

Note: For information on the security-enhanced implementation of Fusion HTTP, go to our Fusion HTTPS page.


Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Fusion Embedded HTTP includes an HTTP client and an HTTP server. The products interoperate with known industry standard products including Apache, IIS, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

The APIs allow great flexibility in integrating with an application. They are designed to be fully portable written in ANSI C and requiring minimal operating system features.

Fusion Embedded HTTP Client and Server is protocol stack independent although it comes pre-ported to Fusion, Linux and Winsock2 TCP/IP stacks.


Fusion Embedded HTTP Features

  • HTTP 1.0/1.1 compliant
  • Multiple concurrent request
  • Small memory footprint (7KB-11KB ROM)
  • GET, POST Support
  • Transfer chunked encoding support
  • Full access and exposure to headers
  • File system supported, optional
  • Form item decoding
  • Compliant with IETF RFC 2616
  • Easily portable
  • Single or multithreaded system operation
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