Video Engine
Sample Applications

The Possibilities are Endless with InstaV2IP.


Video Softphones & Desktop Phones

InstaV2IP can easily be made into a standalone SoftPhone application. Example projects are included in the Embedded and Mobile versions which provide instant functionality and are ready for customer differentiation. InstaV2IP can also be used to create enterprise-ready desktop video phones that interoperate with the most popular PBX solutions in the market.


Video Call Boxes, Video Intercoms, & more!

InstaV2IP’s User Interface API allows for traditional interfaces as well as highly differentiated user interfaces such as a Call Box with its simpler “press this button in case of emergency” interface. Various aspects of a call workflow can be controlled by a user or controlled by custom code which allows for the implementation of any required UI.


Add-On Voice & Video Capabilities

InstaV2IP can be embedded into an existing application to provide VoIP/V2IP capabilities. Use the Mobile version if integrating into an application on a mobile device, or use the Embedded version for any other platform.

InstaV2IP Architecture Diagram
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