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Fusion Embedded™ Networking Protocols

Complete Line of Embedded Networking Protocols

Unicoi Systems' Fusion Networking Suite is a fully integrated set of embedded network source code, based on TCP/IP protocols, that enables intelligent devices to connect to the Internet. The centerpiece of the suite is the Fusion Embedded TCP/IP networking stack, which has thousands of design wins and hundreds of millions of deployments around the world.

Fully Integrated Protocols

Built from the ground up with performance in mind, Unicoi's Networking Product software is an industry-standard, RFC-compliant suite of Internet protocols and web applications source code offering unmatched performance, reliability and scalability.


Fusion Embedded Networking Protocols Features

  • Mature, market-proven code in wide deployment
  • Highly optimized, small footprint software designed for real-time applications
  • Extremely flexible and completely portable
  • Microprocessor and DSP support
  • Continuously improved software ensures broad compliance with new and existing RFCs
  • Processor, operating system and development tools independent
  • Fully-ported to a variety of OS's
  • Royalty-free license for OEMs
  • Rapid-response, engineer-lead customer support ensures fast resolution to issues

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