Voice & Video Protocols
Fusion Embedded™ Fully Integrated Protocols

Voice & Video Protocols

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Fusion Embedded™ Voice & Video Protocols

Real-time Protocols for IP Media Devices

Unicoi Systems' Fusion Embedded Voice & Video protocols provide the data streaming capabilities required by multimedia based devices in the market today. Provided with full source code and based on TCP/IP protocols, the protocols enables intelligent devices to stream audio, video and data over the Internet.

Fully Integrated Protocols

Built from the ground up with performance in mind, Unicoi's Fusion Embedded Voice & Video Protocols are an industry-standard, RFC-compliant suite of Internet protocols and web applications source code offering unmatched performance, reliability and scalability.


Fusion Embedded Voice & Video Protocols Features

  • Mature, market-proven code in wide deployment
  • Highly optimized, small footprint software designed for real-time applications
  • Extremely flexible and completely portable
  • Microprocessor and DSP support
  • Continuously improved software ensures broad compliance with new and existing RFCs
  • Processor, operating system and development tools independent
  • Fully-ported to a variety of OS's
  • Royalty-free license for OEMs
  • Rapid-response, engineer-lead customer support ensures fast resolution to issues

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