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Fusion Embedded Software Expands Network-centric Operations Capabilities with Secure Streaming Audio and Video over IPv6 for Unmanned Systems

Unicoi Systems Offers Secure Situational Awareness to the Global Information Grid in Real Time

Press Release: New Italian DistributorATLANTA, GEORGIA – October 20, 2009 – Unicoi Systems, Inc. (Unicoi) announces an IPv6 Phase-2 compliant solution for adding secure, streaming audio and video capabilities to Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS). Unicoi’s Fusion Embedded Solutions provide true power to the edge, delivering real-time situational awareness to personnel within the Global Information Grid (GIG).

“We understand the importance of network-centric operations in maximizing the effectiveness of today’s warfighter. As the provider of embedded software for a variety of network-enabled defense applications, we are working to deliver the highest standard of interoperability, alongside the embedded protocols required to provide secure, streaming audio and video data to and from unmanned assets.”, said Greg Coonley, CEO and founder of Unicoi Systems.

Unicoi has long since provided a license-free operating system, a dual-mode networking stack, and numerous embedded protocols to defense applications, including deployed unmanned vehicles. Now, Unicoi has assembled a solution for empowering the next generation of unmanned systems, which will become part of the System of Systems.

First responders and military personnel need real-time streaming audio and video data from unmanned assets, but this data must be encrypted. Fusion SIPS, Fusion IPsec, Fusion IKE, and Fusion SRTP provide encryption at multiple points in packet transfer to ensure secure data transmission to and from unmanned assets.

Furthermore, data transmitted from unmanned assets is of the highest value when it is integrated with the GIG. Unicoi System’s Fusion TCP/IPv4/IPv6 delivers the capacity to integrate streaming data into the command and control network. Additionally, the Fusion TCP/IPv4/IPv6 dual-mode embedded networking stack is IPv6 Phase-2 compliant, meeting the highest standards in interoperability and unique addressing compliance. 

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