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Fusion WebPilot Browser Succeeds in GUI Development

TAG Top 10ATLANTA, GEORGIA – June 2, 2008 – Although many products boast multiple functions, customers oftentimes find more uses for a product than the manufacturer expects. This is just the case with Unicoi Systems’ Fusion WebPilot Embedded Browser. Originally designed as a small-footprint, general purpose web browser, Fusion WebPilot is finding equal success as a GUI (graphical user interface) in runtime and “walled garden” environments.

Many Fusion WebPilot customers have built modern, user-friendly interfaces for a variety of devices, substantially faster than they could develop their own GUI with typical embedded libraries and design tools. Unicoi customersbenefit because Fusion WebPilot can be used to quickly produce user interfaces by taking advantage of common web developer skill sets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, etc.) and WYSIWYG tools, allowing project managers to concentrate engineering efforts on more critical project requirements.

Available in source code and designed for portability and limited resource environments, Fusion WebPilot is optimized for GUI development in a variety of applications such as set-top boxes, point-of-sale kiosks, and automotive infotainment interfaces. The runtime environment can pull its content from a variety of sources, including: a virtual file system linked directly into the firmware, a true file system in flash memory, an embedded HTTP server on the device, or a web site from which content can be updated without reprogramming the device. Fusion WebPilot can also accommodate a variety of input devices including the standard mouse/keyboard, touchscreen, trackball, or infrared remote control and it is compatible with any OS or networking stack.

Fusion WebPilot’s flexibility, extensibility, and its use of industry standards provide engineers with a tool for creating impressive results, quickly. Whether you are developing a touchscreen for intercommunications systems, designing the next great immersive automotive experience, or launching a high-impact supermarket kiosk, Fusion WebPilot will shorten development time.

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