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Unicoi Systems Announces Kernel Awareness for IAR’s Embedded Workbench for the ARM

Unicoi to include Fusion RTOS Kernel Awareness with IAR EWARM

Generic Unicoi IconATLANTA, GEORGIA – October 28, 2003 – Unicoi Systems, Inc. (formerly DSP OS, Inc.), a leading one-stop provider of software solutions to the embedded device market, today announced immediate availability of Fusion Real Time Operating System (RTOS) Kernel Awareness for IAR Systems’ Embedded Workbench for the ARM (EWARM). The IAR EWARM seamlessly integrates the IAR C/Embedded C++ compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, debugger, editor and project manager. The integration of IAR’s EWARM and Fusion RTOS Kernel Awareness provides ARM developers with additional developer-friendly tools for viewing Fusion RTOS resources.

“The addition of Kernel Awareness for the Fusion RTOS will greatly enhance ARM developer productivity,” said Unicoi’s CEO Greg Coonley. “The EWARM from IAR is in a class by itself as a development platform for the ARM processor. The enhancement of the Fusion RTOS for the EWARM environment strengthens our commitment to provide ARM developers with the best development experience possible.”

“The Fusion RTOS Plug-in sets a new tool on the IAR Embedded Workbench. The Fusion RTOS Task window gives the user an unprecedented view of what’s happening in the run-time environment,” said Mike Skrtic Tools and Applications Manager, IAR Systems.

About IAR Systems

By focusing on the embedded systems industry, IAR Systems has reached the position of leading supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontrollers. Since the company was founded in 1983, IAR has worked in close cooperation with the world’s major chip manufacturers to develop a wide range of programming tools supporting a large number of chip architectures. The tools today consist of highly efficient C and EC++ compilers in the IAR Embedded Workbench™ development environment, the device driver wizard IAR MakeApp for graphical configuration and initialization of the chip and creation of complete device drivers, and the IAR visualSTATE® graphic programming tool with a patented technology to generate validated and small production-ready code. IAR Systems also provides a total solution for Bluetooth™ protocol stacks and applications, from development of Bluetooth devices to qualification, using IAR PreQual™. IAR Design Services injects engineering expertise and experience into embedded system projects. It contributes to IAR’s mission to reduce the development time for embedded systems and accelerate time-to-market. IAR Systems has offices in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. More information is available at

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About Unicoi

Unicoi Systems is a leading provider of real-time voice, video and data software and reference designs to embedded device developers and OEMs worldwide. Unicoi is the only company that offers a complete line of continuously improved real-time software standalone, or integrated into full-featured reference design solutions. Unicoi’s solutions are backed by its rapid-response customer support team, and enable developers to reduce project risk, enhance productivity and speed time to market.

Over 200 leading companies rely on Unicoi to power their solutions, including Motorola, Ericsson, Sharp, Nokia, Raytheon, Scientific Atlanta, Canon, HP, Sony, Philips and Thomson. Unicoi’s fully integrated solutions include the Fusion Networking Product suite of embedded protocols such as Fusion TCP/IP, the world’s most widely deployed networking stack, SNMP, RTP, RTSP and SIP; the Fusion RTOS; the Fusion Web Product Suite of XML tools and the fully featured WebPilot embedded web browser; the Fusion Security Suite, including HTTPS Client/Server, secure SOAP and IKEv2, and Unicoi’s IP Phone and IP Gateway Reference Designs. Unicoi’s key technology partners include Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE:ADI) and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (NYSE:FSL). Founded in 2002, Unicoi Systems is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit, e-mail or call +1-678-208-2250 extension 302.


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