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Secure Session Initiation Protocol (SIPS) from Unicoi Systems

SIP 5.0 for Security Enhanced VoIP Telephony

IPv6 Phase-2ATLANTA, GEORGIA – January 28, 2009 – Unicoi Systems is proud to announce the release of Fusion SIP version 5.0 for secure VoIP telephony. With this release, Fusion SIP now supports SIP over TCP/IP and secure SIP or SIPS.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is one of the signaling protocols most commonly used in VoIP telecommunications. SIPS is the security-enhanced implementation of SIP. Fusion SIPS provides secure SIP for telecommunications by allowing an IP telephone to encrypt all data transmissions between a SIP Proxy and the phone. Encrypting SIP transmissions is vital as more and more users move from POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) to the Internet alternative, VoIP.

Of particular interest to developers, this release of Fusion SIP was tested against the Protos test suite and passed all 4000+ cases. The Protos test suite focuses on the parsing of INVITE messages and verifies that the device can correctly parse the many different permutations of invalid SIP header fields.

“Unicoi Systems sees the future demand for VoIP and secure VoIP, which is why our engineering department is producing the products today to prepare phone developers for the demands of tomorrow. Although SIP 5.0 immediately benefits businesses and government agencies developing VoIP solutions on Unicoi’s Fusion Networking Suite and Fusion VoIP Phone Reference Designs, high-volume consumer applications now have a low-cost alternative for secure VoIP telecommunications.” said Greg Coonley, Unicoi’s Chief Executive Officer.

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