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Operate Free: Unicoi Systems Eliminates Licensing Fee From its Leading Fusion RTOS

Generic Unicoi IconATLANTA, GEORGIA – November 28, 2006 – Unicoi Systems, a leading provider of real-time multimedia software and reference designs to embedded device developers and OEMs worldwide, announced today the elimination of the licensing fee from its leading Fusion Real-Time Operating System. The full-featured Fusion RTOS is available immediately—completely free of charge—here.

"Today we invite the embedded device designers, developers and manufacturers to use our Fusion RTOS and enjoy the many benefits our customers have enjoyed for years," said Greg Coonley, CEO of Unicoi Systems. "Eliminating the licensing fee will encourage many new product developers and designers to discover the freedom Unicoi offers to them: freedom from expensive licensing fees, freedom from project risk, and the freedom to enhance their productivity and speed time to market."

Effective today, embedded device designers and developers can take advantage of the Fusion RTOS' many benefits, including:

  • Very small footprint software
  • Very low processor overhead
  • Stack sharing capabilities
  • Processor, compiler and networking stack independent

About the Fusion RTOS

The Fusion RTOS is a priority-based, preemptive, multitasking, real-time operating system designed and optimized for high performance DSPs and media-centric microprocessors. Already considered one of the world’s smallest, most highly optimized real-time operating systems, the Fusion RTOS speeds up product development with these innovative features:

  • Built in ANSI C code, the Fusion RTOS has a very small footprint and requires as little as 4Kbytes of code space
  • Specially designed for streaming data applications with extension to handle packets more efficiently
  • Includes Queues, Mailboxes, Events, Memory Pools, Packet Pools, Packet Handlers, Semaphores, Mutexes, Suspend/Resume and Circular Buffers
  • Nested interrupts
  • Priority inversion protection
  • Source code provided to simplify development

Please visit for a complete list of features.

About Unicoi

Unicoi Systems is a leading developer of embedded systems software and reference designs, with integrated networking, security, web, voice and video technologies, to consumer electronics and communications OEMs worldwide. Over 200 leading companies depend on Unicoi to power their solutions, including Motorola, Sharp, Nokia, Raytheon, Canon, HP, Philips and Thomson. Unicoi’s technology partners include Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE:ADI) and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (NYSE:FSL). For more information, visit, email, or call +1-678-208-2250 extension 302.


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