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Integrated Automotive Entertainment and Telematics System – Unicoi Systems Provides Media Center Solution

IP Media Reference Design is a Complete Platform for Automotive Multimedia and Telematics

TAG Top 10ATLANTA, GEORGIA – April 9, 2008 –The rapid advances in automotive telematics and entertainment capabilities are forcing manufacturers to constantly look for more efficient and flexible ways to integrate Internet content into automotive media systems. The IP Media Reference Design from embedded media design leader, Unicoi Systems provides a hardware and software solution for quickly developing an in-vehicle, pervasive computing and entertainment experience.

The IP Media Reference Design gives Unicoi Systems’ customers a jumpstart on automotive telematics and entertainment projects by providing a fully functional solution. Ready ‘out of the box’ or with optional customization for a unique branded experience, Unicoi’s reference design includes over 100 of the most in-demand protocols for integrating audio, video and networking into the automotive environment. With optional software customization, the reference design is a ready-for-manufacture product, specific to the customer’s needs.

“The automobile is quickly becoming the personal mobile media center,” says Greg Coonley, Unicoi’s Chief Executive Officer. “While driving, you will want to listen to your music collection, get directions, keep up with travel information, retrieve your voicemail, or hear your email. The IP Media Reference Design is a platform that creates a starting point for manufacturers to quickly integrate those devices and systems, as well as new capabilities like VoIP telephony.”

“Unicoi’s reference design is a complete mobile internet platform for automotive use based on an advanced dual-core Blackfin. We are very excited by the opportunities for entertainment and communication presented by this next generation of automotive connectivity,” says Mark Gill, Automotive Product Line Director in ADI’s GP-DSP Group.

The IP Media Reference Design is a complete hardware and software platform for developing and integrating in-vehicle systems requiring Internet access, VoIP capabilities, streaming audio, video, and more. Remarkably, Unicoi Systems provides its customers with most of the design’s software components in source code format. Complete source code is provided for components such as Unicoi’s Fusion RTOS, TCP/IP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP Server, Common Internet File System (CIFS), and the Fusion WebPilot embedded browser. Designed around Analog Devices’ dual-core Blackfin® BF-561, the design provides support for communication and media peripherals, including: Ethernet, speaker/headset, microphone, keyboard/mouse, display, and memory cards, listing it among the most complete hardware and software designs in the market.

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