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Fusion Embedded™ TCP/IPv4/IPv6 Dual Mode Stack in Version 8.7

Updates to Unicoi Systems’ Networking Stack include Performance Enhancements

IPv6 Phase-2ATLANTA, GEORGIA. – April 13, 2010 – Unicoi Systems announces the release of version 8.7 of its Fusion Embedded™ dual-mode TCP/IP stack.  Included with this release of Fusion TCP/IPv4/IPv6 are new features and enhancements, including a 15% performance increase in transmit speed.

“Unicoi Systems is proud to further improve what is arguably the world’s most widely deployed embedded networking stack,” said Greg Coonley, Unicoi’s Chief Executive Officer. “We will continue to make Fusion TCP/IPv4/IPv6 faster and more feature rich, while maintaining our industry-leading low power advantage.”

The 8.7 release’s new features include support for the socket option SO_BINDTODEVICE which allows an application socket to use a specific interface for all communications. Additionally, fnsIfGetIpAddressList and fnsIpGetAddressList were updated to supply the application with a full compliment of descriptive flags allowing the application to better understand the usage of each returned address.

Fusion Embedded TCP/IPv4/IPv6 version 8.7 also boasts a performance enhancement to the transmit fast-path scenario and an optimization of the FNS_CRITICAL macro. These enhancements increase TCP transmit performance by as much as 15% (for certain ports), depending on the buffer size written to the socket.

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