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Unicoi Systems Enhances Fusion Session Description Protocol (Fusion SDP 2.4) Expands support for RFC 3264, RFC 4568, RFC 4566, and RFC 3890

IPv6 Phase-2ATLANTA, GEORGIA. – March 23, 2010 – Unicoi Systems (Unicoi) is proud to announce the release of Fusion SDP 2.4 to encompass numerous updates made to Fusion SDP over the last several months. This release includes support for “text” media types, along with support for RFC 3264 (VoIPAnswerEX), RFC 4568 (SDP Security for Media Streams), RFC 4566 (Latest Core SDP Specification), and RFC 3890 (Transport Independent Bandwidth Modifier).

“Unicoi Systems continues to grow in VoIP telephony and interoperable intercommunications market sectors. This growth is partially attributable to our strong mix of streaming media protocols, which includes SDP. Fusion SDP 2.4 is yet another example of our commitment to providing relevant RFC support throughout the Fusion Embedded™ product line.” said Greg Coonley, Unicoi’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Session Description Protocol (SDP) is a description format for multimedia communication sessions. RFC 3264 and RFC 4566 grant SDP 2.4 backward compatibility with legacy RFCs. Updates to RFC 4568 provide Fusion SDP 2.4 with stronger encryption for multimedia session, while RFC 3890 delivers a more realistic visualization of the bit-rate of transport for SDP. Fusion SDP 2.4 remains an essential protocol in the Fusion Embedded™ Steaming Media Protocol Suite of embedded software products from Unicoi Systems.

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