InstaVoIP™ Mobile

An optimized VoIP SDK library release for Apple iOS and Google Android™

InstaVoIP™ Mobile is an optimized Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution for Apple iOS (iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®) and Google Android™, allowing for the rapid integration of voice calling features into new or existing applications without dealing with any porting or audio issues. In addition to a comprehensive telephony feature set, the InstaVoIP Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) includes unique functionality to take advantage of the inherent capabilities of both iOS and Android.


Mobile VoIP SDK

A sample SoftPhone application is provided as a demo for those in need of a starting point, or developers can dive into the InstaVoIP Mobile SDK directly and flex the proven Fusion Voice Engine, Call Manager, and Information Subsystem features. Whether you are creating a simple peer-to-peer VoIP audio chatting application or an advanced call handling application for an enterprise IP PBX/Cloud-based PBX environment, InstaVoIP Mobile is the perfect solution.


The App

The Power of InstaVoIP in your hand.

The Power of InstaVoIP™ Mobile is now available on iPhone. InstaVoIP for iPhone® can make and receive calls, configure multiple SIP accounts, set up conference calls, customize codecs, and more. All that is required is a WiFi or 3G connection. Visit the Apple App Store to download it today!

App Store

InstaVoIP Mobile Features

  • Voice Engine with RTP
  • Optional Security (SIPS, SRTP)
  • Configuration Subsystem (file based or can integrate with other platform standard)
  • Voice Engine Codecs: G.711 (µ-law, A-law), G.722, G.726 (16/24/33/40 kbps), G.729, DVI4 (narrow/HD/Ultra HD), iLBC, Speex (narrow/HD/Ultra HD), SILK, L16 PCM (narrow/HD/Ultra HD/CD)
  • VoIP Call Manager (includes support for incoming calls, outgoing calls, hold, conferencing, transfers, mic/speaker volume control and mute, etc.)

White Label Service

A White Label version of InstaVoIP for iPhone® is available for customers in need of fully-functional VoIP app with custom branding. Contact Sales for pricing info.

InstaVoIP for iPhone White Label version is now included in every InstaVoIP Mobile SDK purchase!

InstaVoIP Architecture Diagram
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